Kevin Richard Kaiser (Aw-o-tan Nisgah) publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry internationally.

Born in Orange County, California, he spent most of the first twenty-seven years of his life residing in the Golden State. In his early twenties, he took his first creative writing class and met James M. Tate. Around this time, Kevin’s maternal grandmother died. Both appreciated his writing and encouraged him to keep writing. He listened.

At age twenty-five, while living in Long Beach in the house of his maternal grandparents, he decided once and for all to be a writer. Two years later, he moved to Pittsburgh to attend Chatham University, where he earned his MFA in Creative Writing and met his partner, Lake Angela, a poet, dancer, choreographer, and founder of Companyia Lake Angela.

They moved to a suburb of Dallas and began practicing Blackfoot ways with the Many Faces People. During this period, Kevin/Aw-o-tan became a sagekeeper, poured his first lodges, and published some poetry. He also spent those five years teaching English in universities and colleges and tutoring privately, in addition to writing articles commissioned by an art gallery. Meanwhile, Lake Angela worked toward a Ph.D.

Upon completion, they moved to Barcelona, where Kevin enrolled in the doctoral program in Humanities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. After two years abroad, they moved to Orange County, California, where Kevin completed the writing of his thesis. They then moved to a Kansas City suburb, during which time they founded Punt Volat, publishing their first issue on the final day of 2019. In addition to teaching at a community college, Kevin began freelance web designing and continued freelance writing, including publishing articles with Mercy for Animals. After a brief return to California at the onset of the pandemic, they now reside in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where Kevin works as a librarian and teacher.

Kevin’s first book, An Ethics Beyond: Posthumanist Animal Encounters and Variable Kindness in the Fiction of George Saunders, is the first monograph on the American author’s fiction and explores how posthumanist ethics and nonhuman animals appear in his writing. It is available now from Publicacions de la Universitat de València and can be ordered directly from Kevin.